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Neuro Case Management specialise in many aspects of case management, not just your initial needs assessments, but also: traumatic brain injury, spinal injury rehab, rehabilitation occupational therapy, rehabilitation case management, spinal injury rehabilitation plus adult and paediatric case management.

The aim of NCMUK is to offer professional case management support to both children and adults. The ethos of NCMUK is to respect our client’s needs and work sensitively to support them through all the complex issues they experience during their journey.

We're here to assist in many aspects of Brain Injury Care, including brain injury care plans, brain injury benefit reviews & applications, brain injury rehabilitation & development, vocational rehabilitation after brain injury & brain injury case management.

We're specialists in welfare benefit reviews, workplace pensions & autoenrollment plus we can do whatever you need us to do to help manage your payroll needs allowing you to concentrate on your business.

Neuro case management, case management rehab, adult & child case management, elderly rehabilitation occupational therapy, paediatric case management, spinal injury case management, community case management services

Other Services we offer

NCMUK promote an all-inclusive service to all of its clients and families’ implementing a transparent working practice when dealing with clients, solicitors and other professionals. In this way we believe good communication is essential in order to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team.

Customer Testimonials

SN Barrister , Manchester

I have worked professionally with Neuro Case Management Corporation Limited over the past 7 years, I find them both extremely professional and adept at implementing complex assessments and therapeutic intervention. Also, I find them to be very supportive and a critical and essential part of any pre court settlement and or round the table meeting.

MW Head of COP, London

I have instructed NCMUK on many occasions and have always been pleased and assured that NCMUK will provide me with all aspects of assisting me with litigation and would like to note that NCMUK assessments and care plans are extremely accurate and reliable, I have always enjoyed a successful outcome for my client when working with them.

DG Personal Injury Partner, Cardiff

I first instructed NCMUK in 2010 has I needed an Initial Needs Assessment completing and I was surprised to note both the speed and accuracy of this assessment as it only took 2 weeks to complete. I also feel that as many of the case a managers are registered as social workers they do provide a more holistic service which is extremely beneficial for all of my clients.

KG Clinical Negligence Solicitor, Newcastle

I have worked for 15 years within the clinical negligence arena and with many case management organisations and I am happy to say that NCMUK as always provided me with accurate reports and assessments also including completing welfare benefit reviews in order to maximise my client’s monthly income. They have proven tome to be determined and driven in their pursuit for the best outcome for all of my clients. I have no hesitation inn recommending NCMUK to other Solicitors in my profession.

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