NCMUK is instructed on a daily basis to undertake Mental Capacity Assessments for a variety of decision specific reasons, a few examples as below:

  • testamentary
  • making a will and/or probate
  • accommodation
  • financial management

The aim of a Capacity Assessment is to determine if an individual has enough Capacity to make a decision regarding any of the above issues.

Once NCMUK is requested to complete a Capacity Assessment they will organise for a visit to take place where the client feels most comfortable. At this meeting, any/all identification/medical documentation is copied so as to provide the evidence needed to complete the Capacity Assessment.

A number of pre-determined questions will be asked regarding the decision to be made and then a Mini-Mental Questionnaire will be completed. Both questionnaires will then be scored upon our return to the office. This will then provide us with the opportunity to complete an Assessment Document Tool and will give enough evidence to determine a decision regarding the competency of the individual that is being assessed.

The total Capacity Assessment procedure will normally take approximately 2 weeks to undertake from receipt of instructions and NCMUK undertake these Capacity Assessments throughout England and Wales for individuals with all types of conditions and disabilities.

NCMUK may be instructed by any third party including Family Members, Solicitors, Deputies or an IFA to undertake this Capacity Assessment which is charged at a fixed fee according to our Rates & Conditions.

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