When the oxygen flow to the brain is interrupted, the function of the brain is disturbed. This disruption will cause irreversible damage to the brain. This is known as a Hypoxic or Anoxic Brain Injury.

A complete oxygen interruption is known as cerebral Anoxia and if there is still a partial but inadequate supply of oxygen this is known as cerebral Hypoxia.

Examples of what can cause Hypoxic/Anoxic Brain Injury are as follows:

  • Cardiac or Respiratory Arrest
  • Suffocation
  • Strangulation
  • Severe Asthma Attack
  • Complications of General Anaesthesia
  • Near drowning
  • Carbon Monoxide Inhalation
  • Drug Overdose
  • Electric Shock

Due to the diverse range of causes of Hypoxia/Anoxia, immediate action will depend very much upon the overall situation.

Rehabilitation however is the as for other types of Acquired Brain Injury which Neuro Case Management can assist with moving forward.

Both a Mental Capacity Assessment and Initial Needs Assessment can be completed to determine how to proceed to ensure that the Client’s needs are fully met.

Carers can be employed and trained if required, specific professionals can be engaged, and the home can be reviewed to determine any equipment requirements with overall constant communication and transparency between the Client, their Family and the Case Manager allocated.

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