Aphasia is usually caused by a stroke or brain injury and affects the language section of the brain leaving the individual unable to communicate effectively with other people.

There are three types of Aphasia:

  • Broca
  • Wernicke
  • Anomic

Aphasia can cause a person to experience isolation, anxiety and depression.

According to the NHS Website:

“Someone with expressive Aphasia experiences difficulties communicating their thoughts, ideas and messages to others.”

“A person with receptive Aphasia experiences difficulties understanding things they hear or read. They may also have difficulties interpreting gestures, drawings, numbers and pictures.”

People with some form of Dementia will usually experience a mild form of Aphasia.

Neuro Case Management can assist the families of those who are diagnosed with Aphasia by completing a Mental Capacity Assessment to ensure that if they do not retain their Capacity going forward. They can seek the assistance of a Solicitor to allow a trusted representative to organise the production of an LPA to allow them to manage their Health and Finances effectively.

NCMUK if required can also complete an Initial Needs Assessment to determine if the Client requires any additional assistance within the home and what that assistance maybe including an Occupational Therapist, a Speech and Language Therapist etc.

NCMUK can also organise in-home Carers to help on a more day to day basis, ensuring that they fit in effectively with the Families lifestyle and personality. Providing training, supervision and a full staff package of payment, pension etc as required.

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