Motor Neurone Disease or MND is a condition that affects the brain and nerves, causing weakness that continues to worsen over time. There is no cure and unfortunately, it does shorten the individual’s life expectancy overall.

There is no evidence as to why the Cells gradually stop working thus causing MND, which usually occurs in an individual’s 60/70’s but can affect people of any age.

Having a close relative with Motor Neurone Disease or Frontotemporal Dementia may mean that family members are more likely to be susceptible to MND.

Further to the NHS Website, early symptoms of MND are as follows:

  • Weakness in your Ankles or Legs
  • Slurred Speech
  • Difficulty Swallowing
  • A Weak Grip
  • Muscle Cramps and Twitches
  • Weight Loss
  • Difficulty stopping yourself from Crying or Laughing in inappropriate situations

Neuro Case Management can be there to assist during these difficult times, both organising additional Care and providing recommendations for the services of additional Professionals within their field.

The Team can visit regularly dependent on the Client’s requirements, supervising the Care Team and ensuring that they are fully trained to meet the individual’s specific needs.

NCMUK always ensure that the family remain fully aware of all of their recommendations with a fully Transparent Care Plan, with the well-being and choices of the Client being paramount to the decisions made going forward.

“An excellent team of caring individuals who always put my daughter’s needs first.” JD

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