From: HB, Essex
“I was very pleased to come across NCMUK on the Website who have changed my families lives providing a very good level of support for my Son who had a brain injury last year. All of the professionals are working hard to provide rehabilitation to my Son who seems to be getting back to how he was before his accident.”

From: JR, Staffordshire
“Super service from NCMUK whose team of professionals is always there with their support and a kind word. Great Support Team overall, would definitely recommend.”

From: LH, London
“Our lives changed massively after my husband went in for routine surgery and came out with a brain injury. We did not know which direction to go in or how to move forward until we contacted NCMUK who have been absolutely brilliant helping all of us as a family and guiding us through a difficult process.”

From: TS, Cannock
“We didn’t know where to turn when my Sister fell and had a spinal injury. Our Solicitor recommended NCMUK whose advice has been invaluable at this difficult time.”

From: DG, Newcastle
“I was over the moon when I found out I was pregnant. However, after a difficult birth my daughter was starved of oxygen causing to be brain injured. After searching on the internet we found NCMUK who have helped us to rebuild our lives, providing excellent support and rehab.”

“Finally, we have found a Case Manager who helps us. Well done NCMUK.”

“My family found the process confusing but we did not need to worry as NCMUK explained each step of the way which helped us to cope with our situation.”

“Regular arranged visits helped us to feel involved in a difficult process making sure we could plan our week more easily.”

“We enjoyed the whole experience provided by a family-owned Case Management Company who did their very best to help my daughter after her accident.”

“My son loved his Carer who went over and above to ensure his needs were always met.”

“We got many quotations which were very expensive then we found NCMUK who gave us a reasonable price for completing everything we needed.”

“Me & my family had a fantastic experience working with NCMUK who provided a high level of care and support for us all.”

“An excellent Team of caring individuals who always put my daughter’s needs first.”

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