Professional Case Management Services

Specialising in Brain & Spinal Injury Cases

NCMUK is a brain and spinal injury case management company. We are a family-run organisation that offers case management services to clients throughout England and Wales.

We promote an all-inclusive service to our clients and clients’ families, implementing a transparent working practice when dealing with clients, solicitors and other professionals. Over the past 12 years, we’ve specialised in working with the Court of Protection and families for both pre and post-settled cases, providing support for families both directly and via court-appointed deputies.

“An excellent team of caring individuals who always put my daughter’s needs first.” JD

Benefit Reviews & Reconsiderations


NCMUK has developed an excellent reputation in successfully applying for benefits for individuals who need to increase their income, including:

Benefits Applications

NCMUK can undertake reviews and reconsiderations of a previously determined award. We are also able to complete a Welfare Benefits Review online and on a virtual basis for clients who live in England and Wales. In order to keep costs as low as possible, the results of these reviews will identify any financial aid they are eligible to claim.

Case Management Services - Benefits Applications

“Me and my family had a fantastic experience working with NCMUK who provided a high level of care and support for us all.” MG

Paediatric & Adult Rehabilitation


Neuro Case Management UK is proud to be able to offer in-house all aspects of rehabilitation for our clients in accordance with the 2015 Rehabilitation Code which states the following:

The Code promotes intervention in the Civil Litigation process. Its aim is to assist the injured party gain as much independence as possible by promoting social and medical intervention by introducing various amounts of therapeutic and Clinical Rehabilitation.

All of our clients are assessed. This will determine both the level and need that they will require support to achieve. At this stage, NCMUK will start to build a comprehensive and cohesive package of rehabilitation to meet the client’s needs.

Case Management Services - Rehabilitation Packages

“My son loved his Carer who went over and above to ensure his needs were always met.” SL

Capacity Assessment


NCMUK is instructed on a daily basis to undertake Mental Capacity Assessments for a variety of decision-specific reasons, a few examples as below:

  • testamentary
  • making a will and/or probate
  • accommodation
  • financial management

The aim of a Capacity Assessment is to determine if an individual has enough Capacity to make a decision regarding any of the above issues. This is just one of many key case management services we offer.

Case Management Services - Capacity Assessment

“Super service from NCMUK whose team of professionals is always there with their support and a kind word. Great Support Team overall, would definitely recommend.” JR, Staffordshire

Payroll, Holidays & Pensions


We are a fully compliant RTI (real-time information) payroll bureau. Enjoy the benefits of having your own payroll department without the accompanying management responsibility.

Our managed payroll system takes care of your whole payroll operation, including data capture, processing, printing, distribution and reporting. We manage it all for you and remove the entire payroll burden.

You pass us your data and we process your payroll, ensuring employees are paid accurately and on time, every time while keeping you legislatively compliant.

We also manage a rota of our staff’s holiday entitlement and calculate accurate holiday pay and statutory sick pay.

Case Management Services - Payroll, Holidays & Pensions

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