Below are some of the success stories NCMUK have been involved in.

I am a 15 year old teenager who in 2015 was involved in a car accident with my mum which was hit by a drunken driver and which caused me and mum to be in hospital for a long time, we were eventually allowed home but mums rehab was much slower than mine and after a while I became a carer for mum which caused me to lose interest in my school work and future career.

When we rang NCMUK at first we didn’t know what a case manager was so they said it might be better to meet a few different times just to talk about what me and mum needed and what would help us get us back to how we were before the accident.

I wanted to write something to tell others about our experience on NCMUK’s new website because without them me and mum would not be in the position we are today. I am now at 6th form and wanting to become a Teacher and mum nearly back to full health and I no longer need to be her carer.
We had the best therapist and case manager and even now I keep in touch with her as we have become friends.

PE from Plymouth

My name is Brian and I worked for 10 years as a roofer until I slipped and fell off the roof causing a head injury. At that time I had a girlfriend and a 5 year old son who I lived with but after my accident I couldn’t live with them anymore because I always felt angry and very fed up with life because I was not allowed to go back to roofing so just sat around all day watching television.

When my case manager arrived from NCMUK at my door I thought it was just someone else visiting to fill out yet another report, I was at that time very fed up with people visiting me. My case manager was really good because he helped me to get back into work along with his OT they got me a job in a garden centre where I loved to work there on a part time basis. My case manager also helped me to find anger management therapy which made it more easier to live with my girlfriend and son.

My case manager helped me a lot and I do not think I could have managed without him.

BT from Midlands

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