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We specialise in case management services for traumatic brain injury, spinal injury rehab, rehabilitation occupational therapy, rehabilitation case management, spinal injury rehabilitation and adult and paediatric case management.

Neuro Case Management Services

NCMUK is a brain and spinal injury case management company. We are a family-run organisation that offers case management support to clients throughout England and Wales.

We promote an all-inclusive service to our clients and clients’ families, implementing a transparent working practice when dealing with clients, solicitors and other professionals. Over the past 12 years, we’ve specialised in working with the Court of Protection and families for both pre and post settled cases, providing support for families both directly and via court-appointed deputies.

Case Management Services UK

“An excellent team of caring individuals who always put my daughter’s needs first.” JD

Brain & Spinal Injury Case Management

With many years of experience in brain and spinal injury case management, we have plenty of useful knowledge, expertise and resources at our fingertips.

Our expert team not only offer case management advice in person, but we also offer a wealth of resources online including case studies, brain training exercises, expert advice articles and many other resources designed to help the sufferers and families of brain and spinal injuries.

Neuro Case Management

“Me and my family had a fantastic experience working with NCMUK who provided a high level of care and support for us all.” MG


Neuro Rehab Times has approached NCMUK intending to promote the case management business by publishing monthly editorial articles over the next year along with inclusion into a weekly newsletter, podcasts and social media adverts.

Please read more about Neuro Case Management on our up-and-coming promotion.

Latest Articles

Case Management During the Covid Pandemic

Our very own Martin Gascoigne was recently interviewed for an article in the NR Times, talking about how the field of Case Management has been affected by the pandemic. Below is a snippet of the interview. You can read the full article on -->

January 5, 2022|

“My son loved his Carer who went over and above to ensure his needs were always met.” SL

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