Deep Vein Thrombosis is a blood clot that usually occurs in the legs making them swell. It will also cause a throbbing/cramping pain and appears warm to the touch with darkened skin covering the painful area.

DVT can be very serious as the clots can break loose and become trapped in your lungs which can be life threatening if not treated swiftly.

Some examples of when you will be prone to a DVT occurring are as follows:

  • You are overweight
  • You smoke
  • You are on the Contraceptive Pill/HRT
  • You have Cancer/Heart Failure
  • You have varicose Veins

Other temporary reasons that a DVT may occur are:

  • Bed confinement
  • On a long journey via Plane, Train or Car
  • You are excessively dehydrated
  • You are pregnant/just had a baby

The main treatment of DVT is via an anticoagulant table which you will usually take for approximately 3 months.

If you do feel, even for a short period of time that you need assistance due to a lack of mobility then Neuro Case Management can help. We can complete an Initial Needs Assessment to determine your requirements at a set fee and then move forward assisting you to organise the Care needed during this time frame. This can include arranging Physio Therapists or even simply a Carer to be employed to tend to the Client’s needs whilst they recover or attend Personal Training Sessions to reduce the opportunity of a repeat occurrence.

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